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PLYMOVENT 2100 Extraction Fan

PlymoVentâ€â"¢s new fan generation is
with completely new impellers, suited to
exhaust gases, volatile fumes and dust.
As an extra precaution the impellers are
made of non-sparking aluminium. Matched
inlet and outlet areas provide, together with
the new im-pellers, an even air flow, higher
capacity and lower noise level.
Electrics: 0.75kW, 220V, 2850rpm
• The lowest noise level on the
• Non-sparking impellars as an extra
precaution if extracting flammable
• Identical diameter of inlet and
outlet provides a continuous air
flow. Reduces the air resistance
and the noise level
• Housing constructed in 0,059 inch
sheet metal, finished in impact
resistant enamel
• The models 1300 thru 2100 are
equipped with a protective grill at
both the inlet and the outlet as
- Low power consumption
- Long working life
- Entirely new impellar specially designed for welding fumes,vehicle exhaust gases and dust
Size/Capacity:Pdf Attached
Stock Number:MATH14815S

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