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UNIMIXER System s.r.l PLANETMIXER 120 Planetary Mixer (new - 120L capacity )

The UNIMIXER Planetary Mixer120 is an extraordinarily versatile mixer and yields excellent results for any type of soft mixtures such as wire- cut biscuits, dosed and injected products, all types of creams, raw and cooked ones (by utilizing a double wall basin thermo-regulated with steam, bain-marie, or diathermic oil); fresh whipped cream, meringues, Chou, etc.

Hard doughs as rotative moulded biscuits, pie, short bread, etc. It can be very successfully used in laboratory or R&D centers.

The UNIMIXER PlanetMixer 120 is a machine beautifully crafted utilising years of experience plus innovative & thoughtful design to guarantee maximum food safety plus a superior food product.

The Planetary ratio between tools and scraper is 1:4
The entire bridge-shaped frame is built in stainless steel AISI 304.
The standard UNPL 120 has electromechanic components.
The tool's speed variator can be switched to SEVEN DIFFERENT SPEEDS.

OPTIONAL: UNPL 120 can be equipped with PLC (with clients own brand of choice), with user interface type TOUCH SCREEN with multilingual software, recipe management etc.

Power: 4 + 1.1 kW
Gross Weight: 1200kg (2645.5 lbs)
Net Weight: 980kg (2160.5 lbs)
Bowl Capacity: 120L (31.7 gallon)
Height: 2050mm (77.8 inch)
Depth: 845mm (33.3 inches)
Width: 1420mm (55.6 inches)

- All components for the transmission of the planetary motion are built completely in stainless steel. The reducer is completely enclosed in a stainless steel bell shaped chamber to ensure easy hygienic cleaning.
- Upper bell shaped chamber BECOMES AIRTIGHT WHEN LOCKED INTO THE WORK POSITION.A specially designed food grade silicone washer/gasket (exclusive to the UNIMIXER System) is affixed to the upper chamber.
- The Gears are immersed in an oil bath to reduce frictions and noise.
- The mixer is designed to be used as a stand alone machine as well as the facility to install devices to automate the dosing of ingredients.
- The mixer is designed to be used as a stand alone machine as well as the facility to install automatic discharge systems for the manufactured products.
PLC controlled
- Maintenance of the recipesâ€â"¢ archives with 10 working phases for each recipe.
- The Electrical control panel is lodged in a separate cabinet made of stainless steel AISI 304 with a IP55 water and dustproof rating
- To minimise any accidents, the anterior can be opened and is fitted with security sensors.

T 11 - Paddle Whip
T 12- Wired Paddle Whip
T 13- Crossed Beater
T 14 - Flat Paddle
T21 - Fine Wired Whisk
T 22 - Heavy Wired Whisk
T 23 - Basket Beater
T 24 - Fine Wired Whisk
T 25 - Star Beater
T 31 - Cutting Spade
T 41 - Square Ascending Spiral
T 42 - Flat Ascending Spiral
T 43 - Conical Ascending Spiral
T 44 - Extra Large Ascending Spiral
T 51 - Cutting Knives
T 61 - Extra Large Spiral with holes
T 91 - Flat Scraper
T 92 - Round Scraper

By simply changing your tool, you can obtain excellent dough for various types of products. The logic installed on the machine allows the memorization of your recipes in a few minutes and by simply substituting a tool - you can change production!
Size/Capacity:Bowl Capacity: 120L (31.7 gallon)
Stock Number:MIXE13093G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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