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IOPAK GCGBL 2000 R Rotary Valve Piston Filler with Hopper (Free Standing)

This new IOPAK stand alone piston filler is fitted with a rotary valve and is suitable for sauces, yogurt, pastes as well as viscous creams.

Filling Range: 200 - 2000ml (2 litres)
Accuracy: + -1%.
Air Supply Requirement: 3.5 Kgf/cm²
(50 PSI or 350 KPa)
Air Consumption: 5.7ft³/min
Electric Supply: 240V AC single phase).
Rotary valve on fill head
Positive shut-off nozzle (eliminating dripping)
Stroke limitation fill volume adjustment.
It is designed as a stand alone filling station or as part of an in-line configuration.

It is fitted with a removable infeed hopper
Stainless steel construction.
The filling cycle is initiated by a foot operated pedal or it can be used in-line.
Control system is electro / pneumatic.
Model:GCGBL 2000 R
Size/Capacity:200 - 2,000ml
Stock Number:FILL12631S
Serial Number:FILL12631S
Condition:Brand New

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