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Daiei DP - 5000 Automatic Dumpling Filler & Former (Paozu / Gyoza)

This good used automatic dumpling filler and former was used in a Japanese food factory to make dumplings similar to Paozu.

Output: 5,000 pieces/hr - product dependent
Product Size in mm : 30 - 40mm ID
Product Weight: 18 - 25 grams each

This machine is automated, and covers roll forming, preset quantity filling, forming and product transfer.

It can accept a fairly liquid dough sheet and produce high quality products.

Flour dough fermented by yeast can be used.
By changing a variety of attachments, various shapes of paozu can be produced and new products can be developed (these can be purchased seperately from the manufacturer).
Model:DP - 5000
Size/Capacity:5,000 pieces/hr - product dependent
Stock Number:FOOD12511S
Serial Number:61

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